New Brunswick is the largest of the three provinces on the east coast of Canada.
They are called the Maritime provinces or, simply, the Maritimes. The others are Nova
Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The Atlantic provinces include the Maritimes and the
province of Newfoundland and Labrador

There are many reasons to move to New Brunswick. Some people choose to live here to be close to family, or for an affordable lifestyle; others because of our basic, universal, government-funded health care and our excellent education system. Still others choose New Brunswick to be minutes away from lakes, rivers, and trails as well as lively urban centres.

New Brunswick has available services for newcomers, immigrant-serving agencies and much more to assist new immigrants in settling to the province

For your free assessment, please refer to the questions below.

1. What is your occupation?
2. How many years of continuous experience you have in that occupation?
3. What is date you took General ielts and what is your scores in each band?
4. If no ielts, are you willing to take IELTS and confident to get scores of at least 6 or
above in General Training?
5. What is your age and date of birth?
6. Are you a graduate of at least 4 year Course? What is your degree if yes?
7. Do you have a spouse or live in partner?
8. Do you or your spouse has a relative in Canada?
9. If yes what is your relationship with this relative?
10. What province this relative is located?
11. Is your spouse willing to take ielts if necessary?
12. Your full name.
13. Your contact numbers.
14. Your Viber or WeChat number.
15. Your email ad.
16. Your present address.
17. Do you have the proof of funds listed below?(this is required)

Single Applicants C$11,931
Couple with No Child C$14,853
Couple with One Child C$18,260
Couple with Two Children C$22,170
Couple with Three Children C$25,145
Couple with Four Children C$28,359
Couple with Five+ Children C$31,574

Interested applicants may email answers to the questions above to or visit the contact page of this website to look for an office near you.