From our Nurse Jan, New Zealand Nurse Bridging Program Batch 2010

Hi Sir Archie and Mam Bev,

7 years after, living in New Zealand has been a huge learning curve not just for me but for our small family. I started with just having the basics, lived and shared with flatmates, walked to work but persevered with excelling in my nursing career. I still remember you were telling me not to forget to save what I earned. So I did. We lived a simple but comfortable life. Our hard work paid off. Now we have our own home and privileged to be given NZ citizenship. This has not been possible without Aureus Manpower’s help. Sir Archie and Mam Bev have helped me in achieving all this. I remember back in 2009 not a lot of nurses have been to NZ and Sir Archie was patient and straightforward enough in helping me comply with the requirements. They never took advantage and I felt safe in their hands. Thanks po ulit. More power to your team and family. You are making a positive difference in so many lives. You guys are the best!