CANADA – One Year Study Work Program (Toronto, Canada)!
Start the process now and go to Canada this December 2014 or January 2015.School is accepting applicants without IELTS
Lowest Proof of Fund Requirement with only C$10,000 tuition fee

Program : Early Childcare Assistant program
Outcome: Early childhood educators and assistants (code 4214) is INCLUDED in the 50 Eligible Occupations by the Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canadian Immigration.

Duration : 40 weeks inclusive of the 16 weeks internship
Application Fee : C$500 non refundable
Tuition Fee : C$ 10,520 ( approx P 422,000 )-payable upon visa approval
Embassy Required Proof of Funds : C$ 10,000 in a Bank Certificate

1.Graduate of any 4-5 years Bachelor’s Degree
2. Total Proof of Funds: Approximately P 850,000 the smallest compared to ALL other study work programs.
Bank Certificate can be in the name of other person who will support the applicant.

Options for Nurses:
Get an academic ielts scores of L7.5 R6.5 S7.0 W7.0 then proceed with the nursing registration.

Here is a message from our Campus Director:
For ECA job prospects, there is really a good demand for ECAs especially here in Toronto and in fact, one of recent graduates has already received a job offer even during her internship. Please note also that it is not necessary that the student would have a background in any of the programs that we offer. As long as the student will pass our qualifying test, they will be eligible for admissions irrespective of the program they have choose
Interested and qualified applicants may email cv and inquiries to (subject Canada Student Visas)
or contact any of the offices near you (Manila, Cebu, Pampanga, Quezon City, Laguna, Las Pinas)