A Message to the Philippine Nurses from the Philippine Embassy in New Zealand:

Published on 06 April 2011  

The Philippine Embassy urges registered nurses or nursing graduates, based in the Philippines and wishing to seek employment in New Zealand, to ensure that they observe the proper procedure in obtaining accreditation or recognition of their credentials as registered nurses with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NZ Nursing Council) before deciding to move to New Zealand in order to avoid incurring unnecessary and huge expenses.  Philippine nurses are strongly advised to refrain from going to New Zealand unless they have passed the IELTS or OET in the Philippines and have completed the registration process by the NZ Nursing Council which they could do very well on their own………

To start the registration process, interested applicants should have at least two years post-registration nursing practice as registered nurses of at least 2,500 hours within the five years immediately preceding the date of the application.

Another basic requirement is a valid all 7 and above ielts scores in each band. This can be done in succession of sittings.

Interested applicants may email their inquiries with their attached cv and ielts to info@aureuscorp.cm or visit the nearest branch.