Australia | Have a Post Graduate Australian Qualification in Nursing (GDN)




The GDN or Graduate Diploma in Nursing let you go to Australia even without an academic all 7 ielts yet to start the Post Grad Nursing Pathway.Spouses can also go with the applicant to work anywhere in Australia.

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Career and settling


When the course has been completed student will obtain a AQF level 8 qualification from Australia. This will definitely benefit nurses if the decided to come to work in Australia as they will have an Australian qualification. Other benefits include:

  1. It allow them to get better opportunity and job prospective after registration
  2. Can help them to improve English and also will benefit them to get IELTS score required by AHPRA
  3. Utilizing their time to study AQF -8 qualification.
  4. Benefit of doing this course is till the time they will finish IRON and get registration they will also have AQF -8 qualification.
  5. If not interested for 1yr (GDN) option of enrolling only for 6 month (GCN) which will give them AQF level 8.
  6. Eligible for discount for second course
  7. Eligible for Graduate certificate allowance once become registered nurse.
  8. Pathway to master of nursing with credit for GCN or GDN ( Online )


Work Experience 800 hours of work experience as Registered Nurse (in the last 5 years)
English Test Possess an IELTS level of at least 6.5 with all bands no less than 6 (or Equivalent)


*For those who do not have IELTS, you may sign in to avail our FREE IELTS review

Program Process
  1. Contract signing
    • We will give you the requirements needed for the application.
  2. School Enrollment
    • We will represent you to your school and coordinate with them.
    • Payment of half of school’s tuition fee of A$ 4,000
    • If there are additional documents needed, we will guide you on how we can obtain it.
  3. Visa application
    • Upon receipt of the Confirmation of Enrollment from the school, we will proceed with the visa application.
    • We will give you a checklist of all the requirements needed and a step by step instructions on how to fill out the immigration forms.
    • We will also double check everything and send it to the immigration from our office.
  4. Visa Approval 
  • The tuition fee for the two semester Graduate Diploma in Nursing is A$ 16,000.
    • Students can make an initial payment of A$ 4,000 to get the Certificate of Enrollment and pay another A$ 4,000 before the start of the intake date.
    • The last A$ 8,000 is due at the start of the second semester.

*Note: The fees for this program may change from time to time.

Other useful information


Program Location:

  • Sydney
How to APPLY


You may send your CV to or leave your message on the chat pop-up below.