Canada Skilled Migration Update (August 21, 2015)

Great News! – Canada Skilled Migration Update

For the 10th time since its introduction on January 1st, 2015, Canada’s Express Entry application management system has resulted in invitations to apply being issued to candidates with less than 600 CRS points.

This is particularly exciting news because, prior to this draw, every candidate selected to apply for permanent residence would have needed to obtain over 600 CRS points by having a Canadian job offer or Provincial nomination.

This most recent draw, which resulted in invitations to apply being issued to 1,523 candidates with a CRS score of 456 or more (from 471 last August 7), shows that a candidate with no Canadian work experience, job offer or Provincial nomination in Canada can obtain an invitation to apply under the Express Entry system.

Recent Express Entry draws have revealed that the number of invitations being issued is increasing with each draw, while the CRS score required to be selected is decreasing.

Requirements are as follows

WORK EXPERIENCE – at least 1 year working experience in an skilled profession
in the past 10 years.

IELTS General – minimum score of 6 in each band.

Number of Funds Required
Family Members (in Canadian dollars)

1 $11,931
2 $14,853
3 $18,260
4 $22,170
5 $25,145
6 $28,359
7 (or more) $31,574

Interested applicants may visit our office nearest you. We have offices in Cebu, Pampanga, Quezon City, Manila and Naga City, Bicol Region. Our newest office in Bagui will open this Sept. 1, 2015. Please visit the Contact Us page of this website for details.

You may email also your answers to the questions below to subject “Canada Migration”for free preliminary assessment.

1. What is your occupation?
2. How many years of continuous experience you have in that occupation?
3. Do you have the proof of funds listed above?
4. What is date you took General ielts and what is your scores in each band?
5. If no ielts, are you willing to take IELTS and confident to get scores of at least 6 or
above in General Training?
6. What is your age and date of birth?
7. Are you a graduate of at least 4 year Course? What is your degree if yes?
8. Do you have a spouse or live in partner?
9. Do you or your spouse has a relative in Canada?
10. If yes what is your relationship with this relative?
11. What province this relative is located?
12. Is your spouse willing to take ielts if necessary?
13. Your full name.
14. Your contact numbers.
15. Your Viber or WeChat number.
16. Your email ad.
17. Your present address.
18. Your present work location.