I am an offshore client of Aureus Manpower & Consultancy Corp. living in South Korea. I do not know any agency in the Philippines who can help me achieve one of my goals in life. My wife searched a lot of agencies on the internet and found one. We read different testimonials about the agency and decided to contact them through social media. Honestly, at first, we were hesitant to pursue this and was in doubt. It was a risk for us to spend money to an institution that we did not know at all.

Still, I continued to apply my Student Visa in Canada under the supervision of Ms. Yani Bahang. From the start of my application, it was a smooth sailing for us. She gave me free IELTS Classes from a great IELTS Review Center in Pampanga, Philippines. The classes I had were all superb! Ms. Yani was so accommodating, patience and kind. She gave me different options to think about that a Student in Canada can apply. She answered all my queries all the time and responded to all my favors in a short period of time. I know she was always busy, but she spared her time to entertain me even at times I was so persistent. I really commended her for a job well done in assisting me with her outmost effort and perseverance to achieve the approval of my visa.

With all Ms. Yani’s effort, I was very pleased with the result of my application. I got my Student Visa in Canada. I am a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines, but they made it possible for me. I sent my passport to her and it only took for about two weeks, I received my passport without any experiencing roughly things. I am really recommending Areus Manpower & Consultancy Corp. to apply your visa in Canada. This agency is not thinking about your money, but the welfare of its clients. Thank you very much Areus Manpower & Consultancy, especially to Ms. Yani Bahang (The #1 you can Trust). Their motto encompasses your goal “Turn your Dreams into Reality”. Muli, Maraming Salamat po at Mabuhay po kayong lahat!

from Mark Alvin a Kapampangan teacher working in South Korea