New Zealand | Work as a Registered Nurse through Competence Assessment Program (CAP)



The Competence Assessment Program is your DIRECT pathway to New Zealand. This program would give you the opportunity to become registered without having to take qualifying exams such as NCLEX or the like. This is a full-time program that would last for 6 to 9 weeks.

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Career and settling


Upon successfully completing the program, you can then be allowed to apply for full registration as nurse in New Zealand. Once you secure your New Zealand Practicing Certificate, you can then work as Registered Nurse in New Zealand.

Work Experience 2 years as Registered Nurse (in the last 5 years)
IELTS Score of 7 across all bands – Academic (can be combined)


*For those who do not have IELTS / OET, you may sign in to avail our FREE IELTS / OET review

Program Process
  1. Complete application for New Zealand Registration to be eligible for CAP. This includes:
    • A step by step instructions on how to fill out all the forms.
    • A complete application kit for the details of the required documents and how to get them.
    • We will also facilitate the authentication of your documents here in Metro Manila for fast processing. (Red Ribbon / PRC Registration / DFA) *courier fee
  2. Representation to the Nursing Council of New Zealand
    • We will verify all the documents you submit and make sure every detail is correct.
    • If incase there are additional requirements, we will guide you on how to obtain them based on our previous cases.
  3. CAP Search upon Nursing Council Approval
    • We will assist you in your enrolment to accredited schools for the Competency Programme as required by the Nursing Council.
    • We have partner schools in almost all major locations in New Zealand but we prioritize our premier partners (NZQA Category 1 schools).
    • Once accepted, an Offer of Place will be sent to us by a New Zealand school signifying their acceptance of your application. Indicated in the Offer are the cost of the tuition fees, insurance and accommodation.
  4. Visa Application 
    • We will then assist you in the preparation of necessary documents needed in the application of your visa to the New Zealand Embassy.
  5. Visa Approval 
    • Of course, we will give you all the original documents including the original approval letter together with your visa.
(for authentication and courier)
5,000 PHP
Nursing Council Application Fee 650 NZD (payable direct to NZ)
Final authentication and courier 5,000 PHP (single)
8,500 PHP (Married)
Tuition Fee 195,000 PHP to 320,000 PHP (payable direct to school)
Insurance ≈ 6,500 PHP
Proof of Funds needed 150,000 PHP (Bank Certificate)
Visa Fee ≈ 5,620 PHP + 1360 PHP Courier Fee
Medical Fee ≈ 11,000 PHP


*Note: The fees for this program may change from time to time.

Other useful information


Program Location:

  • Dunedin
  • Nelson
  • Christchurch
  • Auckland
  • Palmerston North
  • Napier
How to APPLY


You may send your CV to or leave your message on the chat pop-up below.