Thank You AUREUS! From Kuwait to Philippines to New Zealand, From CAP Visa to Work and Permanent Residency

Thank God for everything that He has done for me and my family. More than joy and gratitude we have for receiving this gift of INDEFINITE stay in this beautiful land—New Zealand.

This journey wouldn’t be precious without struggles and triumphs that were won over by prayers, faith, hardwork and perseverance.

Thank you so much Aureus, to Ms. Jenny and Ms. Marie, most especially, for being trustworthy of the entire processing—from Kuwait to Philippines to New Zealand, from CAP Visa to Work to Permanent Residency for my family, having you there behind. You’re awesome and may you continue to be a dear blessing to all aspirants who want to settle here in New Zealand.🇳🇿❤️


Congratulations on turning your dreams into reality with Aureus Manpower and Consultancy! We have nothing but praise and good wishes for you and your family.Thank you for trusting us!Special thanks to Ms. Jenny and Ms.Marie.
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