I have been searching for an agency who would help me in achieving my
dreams,however there’s a plethora of agencies and the problem is how will I
make the right choice?

I checked on the net and search for a agency that is just near in our place and
boom!!! I saw AMAC, and before I make a call and move,I checked their agency
at POEA if its accredited and I smile coz they’re on the accredited list.

I went to their office for inquiries,and the people were very accomodating and
patient despite the fact that I asked lots of questions. Specially Mam Dana,who is
very patient and kind..even though she was not at work, still she helped me..thank u
mam and all the AMAC staff,kz Simula nang s makapnta ako dito
anjan kayo para i guide and palakasin ang loob ko.

Without you AMAC,I wouldn’t be here.without U AMAC,I couldn’t achieved my
Thank you for being my link in achieving my dreams and May God Bless You

Mary Grace (January 2016 Batch Gerontology Program)