Qualified candidates with connection to Manitoba submit application for nomination. Following assessment, the Manitoba “nominates” the applicant to make a separate application to the Government of Canada for permanent resident visas for you and your family.

Manitoba is now accepting applicants for the skilled worker overseas immigration stream.

Skilled Workers with friends or relatives that are established residents in Manitoba who are willing to support you, then this program is for you!

If interested, please refer to the questions below

1. Do you have a close relative or friend in Manitoba who will support you?
2. What is you relationship with your supporter in Manitoba(if aunt specify if she is a sister of any of your parents)
3. Is your supporter in Winnipeg?
4. Can you provide a proof of funds of C$10,000 and additional C$2,000 for your spouse and each accompanying dependent, if applicable?
5. What is your general IELTS scores in each band (L R W and S)
6. What is your age
7. What is your occupation and how many years is your work experience?
8. How many years is your College Degree? Do you have another degree?
9. Do you have a close relative in another province and no close relative in Manitoba (Yes or No)
10. Do you have work experience in another province in Canda?(Yes or No)
11. Did you studied in another province in Canada?(Yes or No)
12. Previous immigration application to another province in Canada?(Yes or No)
13. What is your full name
14. What is your email Ad
15. What are your contact Details
16. Where is your present location (residence)
17. Where is your present work location

Please email your answers to the questions above to aureusmanpower@hotmail.ph (subject “Manitoba”)or visit the office near you

(Cebu City, Manila, Quezon City, Naga City, San Fernando-Pampanga, Las Piñas.
Contact details in the Contact Us Page of this website)