UPDATES! New intake dates for applications from skilled workers
From November 4 to December 15, 2015
Intake of 3500 applications in print version sent by mail
From January 18 to March 31, 2016
Intake of 2800 applications submitted using the online tool

Total Quota : 6,300 applications only
Deadline to submit complete application documents : December 15, 2015(mail) and March 31, 2016(online)

Each year, Québec welcomes an average of some 45,000 immigrants from over
100 countries who actively participate in its economic, social and cultural

Housing, food, clothing and travel costs are affordable in Quebec. Quebec helps
parents balance family and work responsibilities by offering child-care services
at low cost, with educational programs adapted to the child’s age.

Education is free in the public education system from kindergarten to college
level inclusively.
Health care services are accessible and available throughout Québec. Québec
health insurance gives free access to necessary medical and hospital care.
One-third of the Québec’s budget is allocated to expenditures pertaining to
health and social services.

Note that in this program, a job offer is NOT required and you can apply from
overseas or from anywhere in the world.

Combined processing for Quebec and the federal part is now 28-38 months from the previous 40-50 months.

For our preliminary assessment, please copy and answer the questions below.
1. What is your full name and present location.
2. What is your email ad and contact numbers
3. What is your degree among the areas of training in the list below?
4. How many years in college is the program’s duration?
5. How many months is your work experience in the said occupation?
6. What is your present age and date of birth
7. What is your ielts scores in L,R,W and S
8. What is your spouse’ degree among the areas of training in the list below?
9. How many years in college is the program’s duration? (spouse)
10. What is your spouse’ present age and date of birth?
11 What are the ages of your children
12. Do you have a relative or have been in Quebec before?

Send your answers to the questions posted above to
aureusmanpower@hotmail.ph or visit any of our offices nationwide.
Manila, Cebu, Quezon City, San Fernando Pampanga, Las Piñas, Naga City and Baguio(Benguet).
Visit the Contact Us Page of the this website for contact details.

We will get back to you with the preliminary assessment.

Accepted Degrees/ Occupations:

Computer Engineering (Bach.)
Computer Science (Bach.)
Genetics (Master’s degree)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS)
Pharmaceutical Production Technology (DCS)
Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS)
Visual Orthosis Techniques (DCS)

Accounting and Accounting Science (Bach.)
Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (Bach.)
Banking and Financial Operations (Bach.)
Biological and Biomedical Engineering (Bach.)
Biophysics (Bach.)
Civil, Construction and Transportation Engineering (Bach.)
Earth Sciences (Bach.)
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering (Bach.)
Food Engineering (Bach.)
Food Sciences and Technology (Bach.)
Geology or Mineralogy (Bach.)
Hydrology and Water Sciences (Master’s degree)
Industrial and Administrative Engineering (Bach.)
Industrial Design (Bach.)
Industrial Relations (Bach.)
Information Management (Bach.)
Library Science and Records Management (Master’s degree)
Marketing and Purchasing (Bach.)
Mechanical Engineering (Bach.)
Nuclear Engineering (Bach.)
Nursing (Bach.)
Operational Research (Bach.)
Physical Engineering (Bach.)
Phytotechnics (Bach.)
Psychology (Doctorate)
Translation (Bach)
Zoology (Bach.)
Zoology (Master’s degree)
Zootechnics (Bach.)
Zootechnics (Master’s degree)

Aircraft Construction Techniques (DCS)
Aircraft Maintenance Techniques (DCS)
Architectural Technology (DCS)
Building Systems Technology (DCS)
Chemical Engineering Techniques (DCS)
Computer Science Techniques (DCS)
Diagnostic Radiology Technology (DCS)
Documentation Techniques (DCS)
Aquaculture Techniques (ACS)
Food Processing and Quality Technology (DCS)
Hearing Aids (DCS)
Mechanical Engineering Techniques (DCS)
Multimedia Integration Techniques (DCS)
Naval Architecture Technology (DCS)
Nursing (DCS)
Pharmaceutical Production Technology (ACS)
Plastics Transformation Techniques (DCS)

Agricultural Mechanics (DVS)
Construction Machine Mechanics (DVS)
Health, Assistance, and Nursing (DVS)
Machining Techniques (DVS)