Work as Registered Nurse in New Zealand – The fastest and ONLY way

All overseas trained nurses including Philippine Registered Nurses should be registered first with the Nursing Council before they could practice nursing in New Zealand.

Once registered and finds a job as RN, spouses may join immediately with a open permit to work in any job in New Zealand. Children may join too, while waiting for the permanent residency status of all the members of the family.

To register, an academic ielts of all 7 or above OR all b in OET plus at least 2,500 hours of RN practice in the last 5 years is required. Successions of sitting is being accepted. For those with no ielts yet, we offer free or subsidized ielts review to our clients. For those abroad we offer free IELTS online coaching through our partner review centers.

AUREUS is assisting Philippine nurses to be registered in new Zealand regularly since 2009.

The Process:


1. We give you the detailed instructions of the whole process of NZ Registration. We will send you the following;
Complete application kit
Detailed instructions in document preparation and filling out of forms
Initial instructions in the authentication of your documents
We will facilitate the authentication of your documents here in Metro Manila.

2. AFTER 2-3 WEEKS-Documents will be forwarded to the New Zealand Embassy for final authentication. We will then represent you to the Nursing Council and submit your complete documents to them. Nursing Council application fee is NZ$ 650 payable direct to New Zealand.

We will then do the follow ups until the outcome of your application
Processing takes around three months depending on how fast the nurse can comply with all the requirements.


3. Nursing Council Approval- This is the letter from the Nursing Council requiring you to do the Competence Assessment Program for Overseas Trained Nurses. This program is about 2-3 months duration.

We will then look for a CAP provider. Once accepted, an Offer of Place will be sent to us by a New Zealand school signifying their acceptance of your application. Indicated in the Offer are the cost of the tuition fees, insurance and accommodation.

Approximate Costs are as follows:
Tuition Fee ranges from NZ$8,100 to NZ$9,840 depending on the CAP provider.
Accommodation is about NZ$150 to NZ$200 per week
Mandatory Insurance costs NZ$167

The Competence Assessment Program-CAP
By successfully completing the CAP programme, Philippine registered nurses will be eligible to become also a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.

The 12 week CAP programme prepares Philippine Registered Nurses to work in New Zealand by providing them with the knowledge and skills of current professional nursing practice.

Successful applicants will also learn how to further develop nursing assessment and decision making skills. The practical work placement will provide registered nurses with experience to meet the competencies for the Registered Nurse Scope of Practice.

4. Visa Application – We will then prepare the necessary documents needed in the application of your visa to the New Zealand Embassy.

Proof of Funds P 150, 000 through Bank Certificate
Visa Fee P 6,300 approx + 500 Service Fee
Medical P 11,000 approx

5. Visa Approval – We will then give you all the original documents including the original approval letter together with your visa

Please visit the Testimony page of this website to get a glimpse of the messages to us by our nurses who are now in New Zealand. See the link below.


Interested applicants may email their cv’s and copy of ielts to (subject Nurse New Zealand) or inquire and visit any of our offices below.